Garden Progress

Make sure you also check out my Small Space Garden Project Build page to see how I built my small space garden!

Garden Update 10/19/2019 — DIY Pallet Tables and Outdoor Container Growing!

October 19, 2019

I actually built these tables out of free pallets a month ago. Each pallet makes 1 table, no extra wood is used.

Rear left container is lettuce and carrots. Rear right container is basil and shiso. Front left pot is a tomato. Front right container is beets. All sitting nicely on pallet tables I designed and built from free pallets.
The lettuce is doing great! These containers just have potting mix.
Fresh lettuce!
The containers are restaurant bussing boxes with drainage holes drilled in the bottoms.
Pallet tables I designed and built out of free pallets! One pallet makes one table completely, no additional wood was used. The hardest part is taking apart the pallet.

Garden Update 10/18/2019 — Microgreens!

October 18, 2019

Microgreens! Lettuce sprouts grown in soil under the grow light.
These are the microgreens self-watering planters built out of $1 containers and a $1 shammy from Dollar Tree.
$1 container and a $1 shammy from Dollar Tree. I cut 2 slots in the lid of the container to fit the shammy through to the container full of water. The shammy acts as a wick to keep the soil moist.

Garden Update 10/11/2019 — Hydroponic Grow Light Rack!

October 11, 2019

Designed Grow Light Rack in SketchUp
Here’s the Grow Light Rack fully completed, as designed. I built this out of 2×3 and 1×4 construction lumber. I’m mostly going to grow vegetables in hydroponic solution.


12 Tomato Plants in 4 buckets of hydroponic solution to start with. Some lettuce in Mason jars with hydroponic solution on the shelf, as well as basil and microgreens.

Garden Update 08/06/2019

August 6, 2019

From seeds to all this in ONE week!
I started some cucumber and basil seeds. The cucumber is really doing great!
Green Peas
2 kinds of Beets


August 2, 2019

After just 4 days after planting the seeds, I’ve got sprouts. Lots of sprouts!

The good news: the Arugula and Beets are sprouting!

The bad news: it’s Arugula and Beets!

Arugula sprouts
Beets sprouts

Make sure you also check out my Small Space Garden Project Build page to see how I built my small space garden!